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Packing Services

Our company has developed new kinds of containers that are larger and more capacious than their predecessors, making them ideal for storing modern household goods. Case in point: a halogen light carton eliminates any potential risk of breaking regular lamp bases.

First Necessity is a specially constructed moving box for items you will want or need as soon as you get at your new home. This cardboard container is commonly used to store the baby’s belongings, medications, coffee maker, and anything else you might need before you empty all the boxes. There’s no need to wait for anybody to open the truck before getting to the last box.

Everything is well-organized, from loading to unloading at the destination.

Cardboard or moving boxes are measured and cut to size to make furniture and other household items. Each box is then given an extra measure of security by having an American blanket wrapped over it. Each cardboard box has an export label with the required details.

In order to comply with international rules, including the strictest requirements in the world set forth by the US Department of State, all wood used by us for export mover boxes is debarked and heat-treated. We make careful to adhere to any and all government agency requirements that may be promulgated in the future regarding the use of timber packing materials in relocations.

Its most valuable asset is the trained and well-equipped staff that will handle your relocation with care and precision. Investing in our staff’s education and knowledge of the industry as a whole is a top priority for us. Each of the items being moved will be packed to perfection thanks to the meticulous training of our seasoned packers.

We’ve designed over 30 unique types of moving boxes and cover protectors to ensure that your most precious belongings arrive safely at their destination. There are some goods that can’t be transported in regular cardboard boxes because of their value, fragility, or scarcity

Our in-house carpentry services make it possible to create bespoke shipping containers for high-value or fragile items. We provide the proper packaging materials to safeguard your furniture, regardless of its shape or size. Our expert packers have been trained in the most efficient packing techniques, and they will use these to protect your belongings during transport.